Product Management

Successful products and services combine the engineering advances with intelligent marketing approaches to achieve an immediate success and rapidly capture market share.


Planning, building, and deploying a product (hardware or software) or service has many challenges that TelWaves can support such as:

  • Defining the requirements and benefits of the product or service

  • Market profiling and targeting the demand sweat spot

  • Customer opinion polling

  • Return on investment (ROI) analysis

  • Positioning and differentiating against the competition

  • Conceptual design and feature definition

  • Roadmap definition to drive product priority decisions

  • Planning the development and roll out process

  • Managing the cross-organizational matrix to ensure company readiness for the new product and subsequent feature releases

  • Managing the primary vendors and third party partners

  • Developing the pricing methodology

  • Defining the sales strategy

TelWaves provides services to manage all aspects of the product roll out, enhance or complement client's internal resources, and navigate the overall process for a smooth start and rapid growth.